Opinions on a Tru-Glo red dot sight

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  1. I had a truglo scope once was seriously unimpressed it had issues I sent it back to natchez for a swap on another the next one had the same issue. ill never by a truglo scope again. then with natchez you gotta be careful with what scopes you buy you need to cross reference the model number with the manufacturer some of the truglo scopes natchez carries are natchez exclusives and truglo wont honor the lifetime warranty on those natchez scopes.

  2. I have a tru glo red dot on my AR. If you dig down in my posts there should still be video of me on a successful stand with it. It seemed to work well and hold zero. What I didn't like about it was that it seemed to eat up watch batteries. My AR is setup for both red dot and scope simultaneously with the use of an offset mount. For a long shot I have the scope, for close quarters I rotate the rifle and put the red dot on my target. Ultimately I think you should pass the tru glo and save up for an Aimpoint. They really are top shelf for a red dot. My M1A has an aimpoint and nothing else. This bushwhacking around Tucson doesn't require a scope. Many times I've successfully called them WELL within 15 yards.
  3. Never tried a tru-glo, but I'm running the same type of set up with a scope + red dot and I freaking love it. I'm using the Burris Fastfire 2 (red dot) and really like it. Ive been using it for about a year and haven't replaced the batteries yet and its holding zero perfectly from day one after hundreds of rounds.

    Also, if your looking for a tube style red-dot, maybe try looking into Vortex optics? Ive heard good things about them and they aren't nearly as expensive as the Aimpoints.

    Here's the fast-fire II on my rifle:

  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I currently have a cheap-o red dot similar to the Fastfire. My aging eyes need a little magnification for those sub-optimal conditions - shadows, distance > 100 yards, etc.

    I was looking at those CQB-type of scopes, but DANG, they are expensive. If I went with a Fastifre, that blows my budget for now and basically leaves me in the same position I'm in now.

    So maybe I keep the current reflex sight, get a common 3x9 (like the Burris Fullfield Ballsitiplex) or low fixed power, w/ the offset mount. I definitely don't want to overscope this.

    BTW - I got two this Sunday. The first was a small pup @ about 3 feet! I could almost poke him with the barrel. The other was about 10yards away. I also missed 2. Both were farther than 80 yards.
  5. The problem with TruGlo sights is the parallax issue. I've tried a few of them but never been impressed. If you want a red dot optic that won't break the bank but will perform when you need it (and take a lot of abuse) check out Primary Arms. The best low-cost optics on the market today, IMO.
  6. that strikefire bright red dot is the hottest thing on the market, can't keep them in stock. primary arms has a great warranty also. don't get the red/green as even the company said it was not daytime visible but the bright dot is. around $159 but you may find free shipping somewhere online. with a 3x magnifier (it comes with a 2x screw on type, but it is kind of a PITA taking it on and off, so i had a FPS mount that i swap out with my eotech equipped AR and it works perfect. i only run scopes 1-4 or 5x24 anyway. zero for MPBR for your round and you'll be good to go!
  7. i'm looking at the new weaver that came out late 2010. i'm spoiled on first focal plane scopes and they have a 1.1x5x24 that they say is actually 6, with red/green seperate rheostat, FFP, 30mm tube, and glowing reviews. german #5 T reticule, running $379 with a $50 mail in rebate or a $100 backpack. over at SWFA. good reviews and a low price for an FFP in my ideal zoom range. Heck even Snipershide, which eats any scope other than high, high end, had nothing but good to say about it. i was suprised.
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  9. I gussied up this Marlin Model 60 with a Tru-Glo from Natchez, and it has performed flawlessly. This whole rig only ran $54.95. The rings are Burris Signature Zee Rings with the self centering polymer inserts that I had left over from another scope job I changed around a while back. The bases are from Brownell's, and they are a really neat way to get around those crappy 3/8's inch dovetail mounts so many .22's are plagued with these days. The whole thing makes for a really nice setup. The 6-24X seems a bit large because of the long 8" Sun shade I have attached because I was shooting it at an indoor range just to get it dialed in on paper at 25 yards. It even has a nice illuminated Mil-Dot reticule.



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