OTC archery opener!

Discussion in 'Archers Lodge' started by Ranger, Aug 18, 2020.

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    Good photos. Are those bull jousting or just rubbing the same tree? Hard to tell
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    Yep, those little guys are gray foxes.

  3. Two pics, both fuzzy and upside-down. Sometimes I concern myself.
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    Well the last day of the opener was awesome, although I came up empty. Found a 3x3 and two 4x4s in the morning. When they bedded I made my move. While I was stalking in I did not have a view of them and they got up and moved away. Saw them across a small ravine when they decided to turn around and started heading back my direction, but into the ravine out of sight. As I was moving towards the ravine I catch them to my right at 70 yards. I hit the ground as there was not much cover. The biggest 4x4 comes to within 55 yards, all three drop their heads to feed, I get to my knee and let one fly! Most likely a combination of buck fever and him jumping my string saved his life. I went back yesterday to get my arrow that stuck into a log and reenact the set up with my foam target. Blasted...I will be back in December!

  5. Dang!!!
  6. I read through this whole thing and I can't believe how many people you find out there.
    When you say side by side do you mean that there are people just cruising around on off roaders and missing those bucks? I imagine that's preobably super disruptive. How do you get away from all of that? Just get further out I assume? I imagine it's somewhat disheartening to see so many people around you. But maybe encouraging that they are just zooming by?

    I hope I can get experience like this. What a thrill that must have been.