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  1. When the rain finally stopped Saturday night, I couldn't wait to get out on Sunday. There is an area that used to get called a ton, but this year I thought would be different. It used to have vehicle access right down the middle of the entire area. Last fall, however, this road was closed off to the public. My guess was that most hunters were not walking in as far as needed to hunt yotes. So I braved the six-inch deep mud, threw my back pack on - and off I went.

    First stand went like this. I started the electronic caller and within about twenty seconds, the battery died on the amp. Now this area is completely wide open. Not a tree or bush in sight. I needed that call to go a long way, so I quickly grabbed the hand call and proceeded. This is why I always carry two hand calls along with my electronic call. After two more cadences, I figured it was time to get up and move on. It was a little foggy and I figured that would give me some advantage when I was walking in this wide open country. When I went to put my backpack on, I noticed movement in the fog. A yote was coming in fast and I was standing up in the middle of the open with my rifle at my feet. The fog must have had something to do with it, because this dog never saw me. I slowly sat back down and grabbed my rifle. I center punched him with my .22-250 at ten feet. I like 'em close. I am convinced that he would have stepped on me before he knew I was there. He ran right at me for the last 100 yards on a dead run. So I took some pictures and moved on.



    Call two was good and bad. I sat on the edge of a ridge with a small ravine in front of me and the other side of the ridge about 300 yards away. Again, wide open, no trees or bushes. I had to sit behind a prickly pear and hoped it would cover me at least a little. After the second cadence, I broke one of my own personal rules of yote hunting. When I hunt in wide open areas like this, I always look behind the first dog I see, just in case. This time I didn't and it cost me. The first dog came in and had to cross a little ditch at the bottom of the ravine. When he slipped out of sight for that brief second, I stopped calling and raised my rifle. I was so focused on this dog, that I never looked up. I shot this dog at 10 yards and when I looked up, the other two that were coming in were now retreating in a hurry. I thought about taking a 250 yard shot at a yote on a dead run, but chose to continue calling instead. I have heard of people doing that and having the dogs come back, but it didn't work for me. I had one dog down, which was good, but had I waited five or ten more seconds, I would have had a very good chance at a double and with some good shooting, possibly a triple. Oh well, I still had my second dog down and it was only 7:45 AM!


    I decided to call it quits so that I could hunt the same area again next weekend. I didn't want to try to call the entire area in one day and over hunt it all at once. Sorry for the long story, but I get excited just telling the story!!!

    Two stands, four dogs called in, two dogs down, and back at home by 9:00. What fun!!!


    If you have some past stories and photos, please share. Let's get this board hoppin'!! :D
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