Pennsylvania bowhunter moves to the desert

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  1. Hey guys, my name is Hunter and this is my first year hunting here in Arizona. I've been hunting for 10 years now but I find myself in some unfamiliar territory here in the desert. I'm experienced bowhunting for whitetails mainly from treestands back east in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, but that's a whole different ball game than what I find myself doing here. I'm excited though to take on the challenges of learning to hunt in a new place with such a wide variety of game animals. I'm planning on going out for the OTC archery deer season and also applied for a general javelina tag this spring down by the border, so we'll see if we can get it done out here in Arizona. I'm looking forward to talking hunting with y'all and sharing stories about time spent out in the field!
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    Welcome to AHT!

  3. Welcome
    What part of AZ do you reside in?
    Where from PA?
    I love archery. Learned all about it growing up in Lancaster and living for years around Malvern. Been in AZ 17 years now.
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  5. I'm living in Tempe now, I'm a student at ASU. I'm from bucks county PA originally, I grew up in the Upper Dublin/Abington area near Philly before moving up to the Lehigh Valley. How was your transition to hunting out here in Arizona? I've only been small game hunting out here so far but today was my first ever quail hunt and I bagged 3 gambels quail so I'm pretty happy with myself, they made for a nice dinner.
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  6. Transition? It took several years of experimenting. Footwear, thorns on everything, glasses, chucked the tree stands, I can’t pattern mule deer like white tails. All in all...I love it. Hunt in the Northwest when hot and go South when it cools off