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  1. Good morning to all-

    Well, if my sorry Alabama internet will work, I'll provide proof that I DID catch fish yesterday.

    And here's how I cook up the fillets:

    1. Take fillets, dry them and then coat with oil- good Tubec,Arizona olive oil is best- just sayin'
    2. season fillets- I like just a touch of Tony's with pepper and coarse salt
    carefully carry the platter of oiled and seasoned fillets outside where they'll be cooked

    3. Have the cast iron skillet heating on propane burner. Get that skillet so hot it changes color and water droplets dance when flicked on the skillet- I'm talking HOT, now

    4. Carefully, drop an oiled and seasoned fillet on the super-hot skillet and back off! Smoke and even flame will roar up from the skillet. Believe me, you DON'T want to try this indoors. let this fillet smoke and char until the edges start to curl and turn dark. With long-handled turner, carefully flip the fillet over to cook the other side.

    5. Repeat with other fillets- you may need to let the skillet get really hot again between fillets.

    6. when all fillets are cooked- the edges will be charred but the meat itself will be white and opaque- tum off burner and quickly take fillets inside. Drizzle melted butter over fillets- or lemon juice if you're turned that way. Serve with red beans and rice or whatever side dish you like. A can- or two- of your favorite beer goes very well with this.

    If that doesn't please you... you pretty hard to please, in my opinion.

    I hope you all have a very good day today- I am- just about lunch time.

    Ed P1430628 resize.JPG P1430628 resize.JPG
  2. Nice ED, Now, what kind of strange fish is this "??" Some kind of saltwater Favorite "? Not in AZ I Guarantee.

    Now Ive seen your other post, UMM sheephead, a Good eating fish, and of coarse the Specs.

  3. That's not ed.... it says it's Lew's
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  4. rk

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    What'r you sayin' ezakly? o_O

    Haha...that looks and sounds like a good day, Ed!
  5. Ed, looks like a super gods day! Congrats. I have always wanted to catch some of those coastal fish. Making me jealous.
  6. Nice looking convicts! Man that reminds me how much I miss coastal living.