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Discussion in 'Community Campfire' started by TallPaul, Oct 13, 2006.

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    I have a digital camera. I notice that my photo quality is not what it use to be. I am thinking it is my memory card. It's a San Disk SD . 1.0 GB. I have had the camera new since Jan. 2006 not top of the line but not bottom either. HP Photosmart 6.2 Megapixels. I have taken a few hundred photos with it and the memory card. I delete the photos off the memory card after I upload my photo to the computer. My question to any one who knows is.... Can the memory card lose it's Quality? The card is not the top of line ( I would guess bottom for a 1 GB card) Should I upgrade my card?
  2. Paul, the card shouldn't affect quality. It simply stores the images that the camera produces. Your image quality is a function of pixels, resolution, focus ( f-stop, shutter speed), lens quality, etc

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    I use auto function. The photos use to come out better with the same settings I use now. This is what I can't figure out. Thanks for the advise. Should I upgrade my CAMERA..... that is not happening .. $300.00 should do better than this. Just wining I guess.
  4. Did you change your image size? Must be something different going on.. lens dirty/scratched?
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    Rat is right in that there is possibly something that is affecting the auto sensor. Try taking it off auto and take several pics using different settings on the manual adjustments. From experience, write down what your settings were for each pic you take ie. f stop, ap, etc.
    Some of these cameras are a bit sensitive to rough use and the first thing that shows up is the auto focus doesn't work right.
    At least try taking pictures using manual focus. With this you might be able to tell what part of the auto isn't working right.

    But I agree with Rat on the disk. Usually if a disk is bad it just won't read or write. Do as Rat says too and if your camera allows it, try changine the quality of picture setting. If you are using a 1 gb disk, take pictures in the largest pixs allow and then try the smallest to see if the picture quality is the same.

    I am assuming the quality (poor) is the same when viewed on the camera as when view on the computer?

    Hope I've help some.