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  1. ok well we all need to check the settings on our photobucket accounts on the archerytalk chat someone got into two ppls accounts and made a slideshow you can change your settings but i was not able to so i had to dump my account and open a new one. this sucks big time so go and check your settings now!!! and change them if you can if not dump it and get a new one lol sorry but i dont need some prev making a slideshow of my pixs cause i'll slideshow him with an arrow where the sun don't shine LMAO
  2. i do not understand what your saying..change settings? to what from what

    sounds like the person figured out there password and got in

    Or I am missing something your trying to say

  3. ok check it and make sure its set to private cause when you get an account they make it public and dont tell u
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    You were right Ram! I don't know how to tell if someone used my pics or not, but I set it to private. Thanks.

    Doug Gordon