Photos from Maine

Discussion in 'Community Campfire' started by Desert Rat, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. Took a ton of photos while in Maine this week. Here is a sampling...

    Boy is it green there

    My daughter wanted to swim in the Atlantic ocean - brrrrr

    Maine seagull

    The pier at Old Orchard Beach, Maine

    Bumblebee on a lupen

    Red squirrel

  2. Good stuff. You must own a really, really good camera! -TONY

  3. Ayuh (that's what they say in Maine) a friend of mine gave me a screamin deal on a nice one...
  4. Thanks for sharing pics, I love to see beautiful things.:D :cool:
  5. Gee, wish I had a friend like that. -TONY
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    Those are some great pictures. No doubt a great camera too.

    Thanks for the virtual vacation Rat, sure enough looks beautiful there. It begs the question: why would you move to AZ and leave that behind?
  7. Nice photos. I was born in Bennington,Vt and raised in the northeast. It's very green and wet too. That's why I'm here in the west. I got lyme and this weather is easier on arthritis. And I still have an accent. It's not so bad anymore, people used to talk to me just for the entertainment value when I first moved to Colorado. That little squirrel is a Red Squirrel. Pound for pound one of the most aggressive and meanest little creatures you've ever met.
  8. M gardner - Yeah, I was born and raised in New Brunswick, Canada. I also lived in northern Maine for about 6 years. I still have an accent too.

    TD - moved here for love and money. :) My wife (girlfriend) was living here, and the lack of an economy back there made the decision easy...
  9. If I talk quickly or I'm real tired I revert to my old accent and folks can barely understand me. I had lost my job and after they paid me off I was on an extended vacation. My doctor told me to go west. A fellow at Rifle Gap campground offered me a job and I went to work at Sundstrand Aerospace in Grand Junction Colorado. That closed recently and I'm here because of all the aerospace work. I'm too old to work the oil and gas fields where I was.
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    Great Photos, Does your friend have another deal on a camera?:hahaha:

    I'm not sure about my camera any more.... oh wait it might not be the camera ,but the one taking the pictures. LOL