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  1. I hear ya. when I was in school out there in the late 80s they were phasing out factual history and replacing it with opinionated history which is what you probably learned.

  2. Yep! Born in early 87, so I got all the liberal crap curriculum as things shifted after the LA riots and everything with Rodney King. My parents pulled all 4 of us out and moved us to PA to get away from it all thankfully.
  3. Closer to the truth than I like...

  4. Ive had that happen, bears several tines come up ladder to sniff boots, only to kicked in the nose to let them know, NO-NO, not allowed. I also had one come up the stand full speed with a boar on her Butt wanting to mate and she got a face full of pepper Spray from 4 ft below my feet. I definitely had to change my shorts that night, and learned not to disregard Black bears as being docile.
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