Plans for Memorial Weekend?

Discussion in 'Community Campfire' started by DutchmanAZ, May 24, 2007.

  1. I'm curious about what everyone is planning on doing this weekend.
    We probably will just hang out at the house and enjoy the pool and few adult beverages. Hopefully burn some meat on the grill or smoker.

    What about you?
  2. Chief

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    Actually we'll start the day before by helping the soldiers place flags on the graves at Fort Huachuca cemetery. Go to the service at the cemetery on Monday morning, head down to the VFW for breakfast and then home. Later in the day the kids will all be over for a cookout. After they are all gone Marge and I will probably shed a few tears for soldiers long gone but forever remembered.

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    Since we both despise the Memorial Day weekend crowds, we'll be spending the weekend at home doing the same, having a cook-out and have some family and friends over.

    If'n we had a pool, and given the persistent winds and blowing dirt we've been having up here, we could probably host some :hahaha: mud wrestling competitions.

    Add: I usually always go visit my Dad and Grandad's grave site and pay tribute to them both, as well as all the other fallen servicemen who are buried there. Awesome feeling to see all of the flags intermittently displayed across the entire cemetery.
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  4. Well we are in Ohio will spen this weekend on the creek fishing for flats channels and suageyes no CROWDs but family
  5. My plan is to stay home out of the rat race.
  6. i have to work this weekend so i will be at petco i might see if my co-workers want to do a cold-cut try we do a big BBQ on the 4th of july. i hope you all will be safe but remember the real reason for this holiday so tell a vet Thank You
  7. Stay away from the nutty crowds. I will celebrate my grandsons first birthday. What do you give to a future Coues deer hunter?
  8. TallPaul

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    Weekend off !

    As of now I have the weekend off! Three days and what to do.
    I am thinking of spending $6.00 for a pass :frusty: and running up to the Lower Salt River Saturday and do some Trout fishing, taking some pics. of what ever may be around :mrgreen:.

    Anyone in the East Valley want to go? We could carpool if you would like. Any one else want to meet up at the river, let me know.

    After fishing I am thinking of heading over to DutchmanAZ's , he will be cooking some meat or smoking something and hanging by the pool.:roflpmp:
    I can mooch with the best of them.

    Desert Rat didn't chime in yet, so it looks like I'll make my plans now.


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    My daughter lived in D.C. a few years ago. We got to go there and visit her. We saw everything there was to see there. We saw all the monuments, White House, Capitol etc.
    Of all the things we got to see and all the reflecting I did on the history of this great nation, nothing compared to stepping foot in Arlington. I can't begin to describe the feelings that came over me being there.

  10. To all of you who have and are still serving,,, THANKS!!!! I really like living where I do and how I do , and am not ashamed to thank those who made and are still making that possible.

    I have a couple of graves to visit over the weekend, but otherwise working.

    Dave you definately have something there, if you ever make it to Arlington, or any of the memorials scattered around that area, and do not get overcome with emotion, you should probably find another country to live in. Cause you just dont get it!!!!!!!!!!