Pleasant lake

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  1. OH lord look what I started lol
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  2. Thanks Ranger...I too prefer fishing day time. Yea I just need to get out there and learn that lake is all. I’ve bass fished my whole life just never striper. I have electronics so this will help....thanks for info

  3. Just went to Sportsmen warehouse and bought everything that’s ever caught a striper....except lights! Haha
  4. Got to have lights and Anchovies, otherwise stay home, your wasting your time. The lights bring in small usually bait fish, 1-3 in long, then the stripers see them and smell your bait and your not sitting down anymore. 4 light is best, one submerged,and one right at water level so you can see your line and rod tip. 2 per side. The good Lights are not cheap, buy the LED ones, they last longer, and have a separate battery for your lights only, Dont use your starting battery, or guess what ? DUH DUH.
    And dont forget to chum. alot more fish to the guys that chum. And no, FERN, we are not talking about your CHUM.
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  5. Like I said I’m going the first time during the day to feel the place out..night I would be driving blind forsure. Btw do I have to have a parking pass and boat stamp like you have to use at Bartlett lake?
  6. No, if you go during the day and gate is open, pay the lady and your set to go, put pass in front window. If your talking about a Tonto Pass, does not apply. I believe they have a pass for SENIOR CITIZENS though, you will have to check that out, HAHA. I have not checked on that, I go with someone else, he does that. I reimburse for that fee. Ill be ready to go mid march during day, Ill show you some spots, hopefully DR. test are done by then, surgery wont be though, thats in APRIL, I hope. or maybe not, everything is up in the air right now. Im lucky to go stink pig hunting next week, of coarse, against DRs orders, They are no Fun.
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    well be safe out there and like I said post pics.