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Folks - we love to have people post their photos here; pet photos, scenery, critters, and game you have killed - whatever!

Some hunting photos can be pretty graphic. Please keep in mind that this for the most part is a family site. There may be some kids looking over dad's shoulder.

On the other hand, anti-hunters will not set our photo standards here. If that was the case, we wouldn't be posting any "success photos". We kill animals, and then eat them. Sometimes that might involve blood or other unpleasantness. Non-hunters are a little different - we certainly don't want to offend them; as a matter of fact, good photos may spark their imaginations and make them a little more curious about what it is we do!

So here's the deal... think before you post sentences; think before you post photos. Most photos are obviously fine. When a borderline photo gets posted - this is the standard I will use: "Would that upset my 9-year old daughter if she saw that?". If the answer still isn't clear, I'll pull the thread temporarily, and get the Moderators' input.

If you're not sure whether a photo is acceptable or not, have a Mod look it over first.

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