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  1. I can post pic here but it makes my pics thumb nails which are too small. If I paste they are a little bigger but still small. If I paste in larger size they look right in preview but when sent they become a click on address? what am I doing wrong...Thanks for help
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    Tx, I suggest uploading your digital images directly from your PC by using the Manage Attachments option as you have previously done.

    The forum software automatically resizes your images into a thumbnail, but, when others click on them, they will redirect to a picture of their original file size.

    If you would rather use web-hosted pictures and post them directly into the text body of your posts, you can right-click on those pictures (wherever they are hosted) and copy the URL or IMG tag info that's listed in their full-size version properties.

    Use the picture posting icon [​IMG] and paste the copied URL you've chosen directly into the dialog box. To accomplish this correctly, you should right-click on any full-sized picture you have hosted and then select Properties from the queue window. When the properties folder opens, position your cursor on the URL address line and right-click again. When the queue window opens again, click on Select All. [You will then notice the URL address becomes shaded.] Right-click on the shaded URL address line again, and then select Copy. This ensures copying the complete URL address so that when you finally paste it, it correctly links to a valid web-hosted file extension.

    It's also a good idea to periodically clean out your attachment files stored in your attachments list on the forum, if you use the Manage Attachments options, but only after the threads that were posted becomes archived, or, when you've removed those pictures from your photo hosting website.
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  3. well I have tryed all the above and no luck, except thumbnails work...I can get a smaller pic to work but desert ram vcan use bigger pic, why is that?