Potential Area for Deer Hunt.

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  1. I am referring to an area that is somewhat triangular that is very close to my house in Surprise.
    It is situation between these roads 60/330/74.
    I recently purchased a SxS and it takes me 10 min. to drive to the gate.
    The area I am interested in is another 15 min. on trails from the gate.
    I've scouted almost the entire triangle, both hiking and driving. Yesterday while hiking around one of the hills I came to a wash and saw a few Cotton Tail and then jumped a covey of quail. There were a couple of steers down the wash about 300 yards. I looked for deer sign but only found some old droppings and tracks. I then looked around for a water source but was unsuccessful. My question is this; With all the animals in the area shouldn't there be a water source nearby? I thought rabbits and quail stayed fairly close to water?
  2. I have wondered this myself and then figured their water source was from

  3. Animals can travel pretty far for water and like previously said plant based hydration is another method
  4. I just came back from a 8 day hunt. Lots of Javalina, decent amount of deer and pronghorn. Most tanks were empty but found 2 with water. Found almost no tracks excepts birds and cattle around the tanks. Vegetation can do the trick.
  5. I agree about the small game getting their hydration from plants but the cattle? I'm going back this weekend and search further.
    Might try calling in some yotes while I'm out there.
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    Cattle eat prickly pear when times are tough along with what green vegetation they can find. That is their water, plus much like in ranch country, the ranchers will truck in water. Troughs, horse tanks etc. Babbitt Ranch was doing that in areas north of Flagstaff for awhile when things were this bad before.
  7. If you are in that roundabout area, ranchers that have cattle out there WILL have a water source turned on MORE THAN LIKELY, this isn't gospel, but whenever I see cattle in the dessert, the water is usually close by.
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