Pre rain (hopefully) sunset.

Discussion in 'Outdoor Photography' started by Green Vinca, Dec 27, 2020.

  1. 41% chance of rain tonight and 54% tomorrow, the clouds bringing best sunsets.


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  2. Like 8-12% Tuesday now, cant we get some moisture into this state, getting as dry as a Popcorn Fart out again. Going to be a BAD FIRE Season again unless we get some moisture. Ram, You need to do your Rain Dance Please !!!.

    Nice Pic Green, you got the best area to do that.
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  3. Great pic! Rain would be a good thing.
  4. Rained a bit here this afternoon, not expecting much out of this storm other then more 30-50 mph wind like this afternoon.
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  5. Strong wind at South Mountain Monday afternoon. Gave up on my hike. I was wearing my 30 pound pack, got to the top of a ridge, and the wind blew me sideways. Nope. Done. Don’t need no darn wind catching my pack, and my skinny little bod, causing me to lose my balance. I’ll save the injuries for a hunting moment. No rain. Dry as a bone.
  6. We only got 0.02", Prescott did get some snow.

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  7. Quick, Everybody get out and get your car washed.

    I can't remember the last time I needed to use my wipers except to get the dust off.
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  8. Yeah, we got an inch or two of snow in my house. Passed through some rain storms in Congress and Wilhoit on my way home too, although it was mostly drizzling when I went through
  9. We got more snow then rain, about 1/24th in of the white stuff, HAHA !!!!