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    Now we're Talken, I am newbie to Predator hunting. I have been on a few hunts. My first two were with myself. With no luck. I didn't see anything come in. That does not mean a Coyote didn't come in, just that I didn't spot him. The last hunt was with a friend who had a hand call and I had an e-call. We were on our 1st stand for alittle over hour with no luck. I was playing the e-caller for 45 min. and that didn't work. So we moved to another stand and change the way we were calling. My partner use his squeaker and I used my ecall after him. We alternated back and forth with breaks in between. In about 20min. I got to see a Coyote coming in out the corner of my eye. It was about 30 yards to my right and when I turned he must have seen me or smelled, because he was running away from me. I was using .270 cal. and took a shot, but did not connect. I got hooked right there. Man that Coyote could move. I have been reading alot of books and mags. on Predator hunting, so this year my goal is to bag a Coyote and then a Bobcat. Bobcat will be a full mount if I am lucky to connect with one. Coyote will be skined and tanned and hanging on the wall. :roll:
  2. Sounds like your partner was a jinx :wink:

    We'll have to get out again ASAP!

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    Oh yea

    Desert Rat, My friend Eric wants to go out in a few weeks. He is my friend that lives around the corner from you. I'll let you know. It will be early in the morning because of the heat.
    I am trying to post pictures. I need to figure how this works.

    It works. Some may have seen these and other picture I post on another hunting site. I should be posting new pictures shorty.

    TallPaul out tring hunt Coyotes. Got Rabbits instead.
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    My partner was the one that called it in. :lol:
    I guess you still don't think I saw that Coyote. 8)
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    Ohhhh Man, Thats what I am talkin. Great pictures. Chief I know you will be an asset to this site.
    I look forward to your storys , tips , and photos. Start new post please. Nice to have you here. In the Fall I am going to try to make it down your way for some Coyote Calling. So I'll be looking you up.
    Thanks Paul.
  6. How about this one Tallpaul?? I am a predator nut. I call as much as possible durig the winter. I called this big male ealier this year.


    Too bad I cut the top of my head off when I tried to use the timer on my camera. :lol:
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    Sweet Blake, and.... I hate you... :lol: . That looks like a lot of fun. Any info on the shoot? Yardage , Time of day, cal. used.....ect..?
  8. Paul,

    Here is the story for you. I had hunted an area near here many times with good success, but I had always wanted to take my quad farther back to where I know nobody else would go. As I was riding in, I would keep glassing into the distance to make sure that I didn't ride the quad right into the "honey hole". Well, I saw this spot and immediately got off the quad and hiked over. I was basially on a finger of brush that protruded out into the open. There were two drainages on either side of me that went down into the thick stuff. It was around 8:30 or so and I knew if there were dogs in teh area, that they would come from the drainage. I have hunted this type of terrain out there numerous times and I know how the dogs act out there. Well, it took three sets of calling and nothing. I just couldn't give up though. I knew the spot was far too good not to hold a yote. Sure enough, after 15 minutes of silence, this guy started strolling in. I saw him at 400+ yards and he slowly walked and trotted all the way to me. A cow mooed at him and he stopped at around 60-70 yards and I smoked him.

    Call: Primos KiYi
    Gun:22.250 Remington
    Bullet: 55 grain Core-Lokt. (I don't use them anymore)
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    What about the yote you smoked during the Antelope Eaters Hunt? You know, the one I coaxed under the fence with my masterful calling abilities. LOL! :wink: