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Discussion in 'Community Campfire' started by TallPaul, Mar 6, 2007.

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    Hey what the Heck is going on with the price of Gas? I just Filled up on the way home and it was $ 2.44 that's up a dime from last week. :twisted:
  2. I was in Gallup this mornin' and it is higher there. Glad I can make there and back on a tank.

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    Count your blessings. Gas was anywhere from $2.37 in Flagstaff... $2.87 in Seligman, and $3.03 in Williams, with Diesel costing $3.39 a gallon.

    My wife told me that some big refinery was shut down (fire or something - I can't remember) and that's the cause for the recent increases.

    Whatever it is, it sucks.
  4. There was an oil refinery fire back east, and we have to add to the supply that goes back east.

    Now that is what they tell us. My guess is maybe their profits went from say 10 billion down to 9 billion and they need to re-coop those losses. What ever the real story is, we should all just get used to it. It will never change.

    My recent coyote hunt trip costs me a bundle. $65 to fill up the first day, $56 to fill up the second day. When I got home on the third day, it was $60 to fill up. Oh well, that's what I get for buying Chevy's 6.0L engine!!
  5. Takes a little while longer to get from place to place, But I'm thinking about getting a good old fashioned hay burner. Of the four legged type. This fuel stuff is kicking my tail in all sorts of bad ways. 2 weeks ago we had fuel at $2.11 gal. now its up to $2.50gal. Not as bad as some of you but, still startign to eat into my pocket pretty good. Got to love capitalism adn the control the Oil compaines have over all of us. They know we will throw a fit, but cant actually do anything about it other then that. we are way to much of a mobil society for that to change.
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    Just thought I'd bring this back up for some laughs.
  7. Good one Chief.I was about ready to go buy a tanker truck and go fill it up.
  8. Hmmmm, the good old days!

  9. GAWD!! Karma is a @#$&#.... I used to laugh at europe:( now look at us.