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Pushin' My Buttons

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OK, I heard it (read it, actually) again…. Nothing gets me going in a hurry as much as people on Arizona Message Boards saying we need to "weed out" the "casual" hunters. C'mon!! We should be trying to recruit hunters, not alienate them! Who decides who is "serious" enough and who is not? [...]

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Rat, where did you read this?
I find most of these to be in the late 20's early 30's age range.
well remember only 10% of people hunt and 80% of people dont and that leaves 10% of the jerks lol so we are out number by the people dont so we need to get those people who dont hunt out in the woods and out hunting. i never did till 10 years ago i was one of those 80% now you cant keep me out of the woods lol :)
AZ Thunder - I think on CouesWhitetail or Bowsite. The thing is, this comes up every time we're debating the draw, or tag allocations, or other AZGF rule changes. There's always someone who says something like that....

Just bugs me, that's all :)

As irritating as it is to see those types of hunters out there with my tags. I agree with you 100%. But would like to see them at least make an attempt to fill the tags aside from road hunting. Although if that were to happen then the harvest numbers would go up and the number of tags would go down, and , and , and. as irritating as it is. without those who mentioned above we would not have more then what 20% of the tags we have now. So I will take it as it comes. Even if I have to grind my teeth every time I'm out helping someone else who has a tag, and see that type of hunter with a tag. But at least I can count on them pushing everything from the roads up to us....LOL>

Catch 22 all the way around.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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