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  1. OK - I am flirting, very lightly, with the thought of getting a quad. Good used is fine. I'm not sure I could afford a new one, unless I got a screaming deal. Even then, that's a lot of dinero to justify...

    Anyway - dealers in AZ that are good? Dealers to stay away from?

    Minimum CC you would recommend? (I'm a pretty big guy - about 240 lbs)

    4 x 2 or 4x4?

    Makes that have worked for you, lemons you have endured....
  2. I had aquired a sport model Yamaha 350 about 3 years ago. It can be used for hunting but, not the best choice. IMO a Honda or a Yamaha are the best. For hunting a 250 or larger will suffice. I never had a problem with needing 4x4, but if you are going to run into mud then you will need it. The sport model that I had was not good in the rocks, not enough clearance and didn't have a kick start. And it would not push start. So, with a dead battery I was stuck. I had thought about trading my sport model for a utility model but, with all of this talk of the government closing roads and eliminating game retrival with quads I am considering getting rid of the quad altogether and buying a horse or a mule.

  3. Rat, it really depends on if you plan to haul an animal out with it, u will need 4WD.
    Also, if you go down some of the roads that I do, you will need 4 WD.
    I weigh 245 and have 2 500's, but fer me I would not go smaller.
    Because of the suspension system, I would never buy anything but a Polaris, they ride so much smoother than any other brand that I have been on, especially for a passenger.
    As far as dealers, the only one that I would recommend is Flagstaff Motorsports, Jim will beat anyone's price.