Quail Season 2017

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  1. Yep, Ill be out but on other side and a bit north.
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  2. Heres another question for everyone... Do quail stop calling midday? I've noticed I have the best responses in the morning, but around noon thru 4 they just won't call back. I assume they are still active but do they just wise up and stop responding to the call? Also, does anyone have a good mearns call they recommend?

    - UA

  3. Gambels definitely call more early in the morning. As the season wears on, coveys that have been hit a few times will call less and less, as well. Calling can be a pretty inconsistent means of finding birds this late in the season.
  4. Im about to hop in my car and try again down south; any pointers for locating birds if calling isn't as effective anymore then?

  5. If you're dogless I'd recommend looking for washes with promising habitat (near water - like w/in a 1/4 mile - some good foliage like hackberries etc) and just walking them up. I didn't hear a peep out of the coveys we found out by Wickenburg the other day until we were right up on them.
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  6. Sounds good, ill let you all know how I do.

    - UA
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  7. Still no call backs or birds today. I found a new duck pond though, and a lot of someone else's shells...

    - UA
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  8. I have found the gambels have wised up too in locations with tons of shooting. I mean, wouldn’t you shut the hell up if people were shooting at you?
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