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    We are fortunate enough to live in a section of Arizona that holds all three species of quail, and they all frequent our backyard. Over the past 27 years here is what I have observed regarding all three species:

    The Mearns population has stayed the same, I see no more nor any less than I did when we moved in 27 years ago.

    The Scalie population is getting smaller with each passing year.

    The Gambels population is increasing. When we first moved in we had none, just Scalies and Mearns. About 6 years ago we had our first pair of Gambles in the yard. Now the Gambles are overtaking the Scalies at an alarming rate. We are seeing larger hatches of Gambels, 6 to 8 chicks per hatch as compared to the Scalies with 4 to 6 chicks per hatch. Just today we saw a cock Gambles with a Scalie hen and 7 chicks in tow. Appears that the Gambles are now breeding with the Scalies.

    Any thoughts from you quail hunting experts?
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    I find that interesting. I live more in the flats. When we first moved down here. Gambles were all that was around. I'll say during the last five or six years we started seeing Scalies. There's more Scalies then Gambles right now. I don't see any difference in the numbers of Gambles to this point in time. Just the fact that Scalies have moved in. As for the young. Gambles have the edge over Scalies.

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    Cross Breeding???? ... I never heard of that. Crazy.
    This I did not know.
    All I ever see up here is the Gambles. Would like to hunt the others some day.

    Okay that does it!!!! I am coming down this Fall and see for myself. ( if you are still there)
    I have to see your back yard in person.:D
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    Interesting observation Chief. I have seen Gambels and Scalies on the same hillside but I don't think I have ever seen them together in the same covey. My brother did shoot a cross breed Couses-Muley in your neck of the woods one year, so I don't see why birds would be any different. You know what they say about a stiff cock Gambles........................................
  5. While returning Chiefs pole couple of days ago, I was able to show all the kids all 3 species. There was a large bunch of scalies, a couple of gambels, and a pair of mearns sitting on the rock wall in Chiefs yard. They stuck around long enough for me to explain the differences to the kids and the wife. All were very entertained with the numbers of critters. The kids counted 12 different rabbits and 2 squirrels.

    Thanks Chief for the entertainment.

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    The cottontails are taking over, and the jacks are making a comeback. The damn squirrels gotta go. Wife and I were watching the "inter-racial" couple this morning and I commented that "well people do it, why can't the animals" her reply: "Animals are normally smarter than people."

    Hey Paul you need not wait for this fall. Your welcome anytime, as a matter of fact I'll make an "offer you can't refuse". Sometime during the month of June let's all get together at our place. I'll provide the steaks, shrimp and adult beverage, all anyone need bring is theirself. I'll send the wife to Tucson for a day of shopping and we can sit on the patio and tell lies all afternoon. BUT here is the kicker, I want at least 6 of ya'll to show up, not including Shane and Mike, they are welcome and probably will show up, but I dont want them to be counted as part of the six, since they live so close. Why don't you all pick a date, get together in a carpool and come down for the day. Dan can even drive down to the PHX area and jump in a car with one of you guys.
  7. Dang Chief...I'd love to come on down there but June is booked.
    Any chance of moving this to July?
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    Sounds good to me!

    SORRY Sorry I was looking at May on the Calendar. June 16 th, 17th !!!1 Sorry Sorry

    Chief, This sounds good to me. June 16th, 17th works for me if it works for you. Not all those dates but that weekend. Maybe leave that Friday afternoon or early Saturday morning. Not sure of the others . I will make the trip. I will offer to car pool. I Will be driving my car, Have room for some others ( I am a Smoker so be warned :rolleyes: ). Others can carivan.
    Dan, you up for it? We can meet down here and can Car pool from here or what ever you want. Any one else need to make the plans.

    Okay , here is the HARD DATEs ( if okay with Chief ) I Don't know about six others members because a lot of people make plans but don't follow though. So Members- speak up, all who are thinking about it must respond SOON.
    ( From what I heard about Chief, it will be an experience one will not forget :mrgreen: )

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    Oh here we go again. I am posting and some one else beats me.

    So Chief .... What Dates??????:confused:
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    OK, for 5 years running, I have been available for any such get-together. I JUST started taking an online computer class (Intro to Mirosoft Office) through the community college this week. I have also just begun to work Monday & Tuesday of each week volunteering at the Seniors Center- Meals on Wheels program, delivering hot meals to the infirm/elderly folks in Winslow. I might could make it down for a day during the weekend, but it all depends on my class status and homework assignments. I can't use "any" computer to do my class work, because the course is downloaded to my desktop and the WEBCT (homework posting) login is linked to my PC.

    I can't commit just yet, but I would dearly love to meet up. I will have to remain a "wait and see" participant and then decide at the 12th hour if I can make it down.