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Good morning to all-
Well, seeing the photos of the very nice trout some of you fellers have been bringing up on the gravel has put a cravin' on me, so i loaded up kayak and headed to one of my favorite little coastal creeks about and hour away.
Lovely morning- water was good, birds were singing, eagles flying overhead, and a family of otters were working their way up and down the creek.
Fishing was slow- i reckon it's the full moon we have right now- that's always bad for fishing during the day when the moon is full.
but I managed to connect with a couple- got a just barely legal size redfish- these thing do hit hard and pull harder, and later I caught a decent bass- maybe two pounds. Both ate live shrimp, by the way.
That's one of the things I like best about this kind of coastal creek- I can catch saltwater fish as well as freshwater fish on the same bait in the same water.
Knowing that my story won't be believed unless I provide proof, I will attach a couple of photos.
But I never lie- Hell, I'll tell you ANYTHING before I'll tell you a lie.

you all be safe and keep well- Ed
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