RAIN Coming "??"?"?"

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  1. no rain down here but only supposed to hit 71 for the high on Monday.....
  2. Now they are saying for us, Snow possibility, flurries at night. Daytime highs in the 40s.Heck, What happened to Fall?" Summer, no fall, Winter and white stuff, LOL,, just all screwed up.
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  3. I am ok to skip fall this year this summer just needs to end STAT!
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  4. Leaving for camp tomorrow in 34A. They are calling for rain on Wednesday about 20% Hope the tent doesn't leak.
  5. [QUOTE="Hope the tent doesn't leak.[/QUOTE]
    Large tarp from Home Depot I went on a hunt in 12A with a few days of rain and I put the tarp under the tent and then folded over the top strung between trees kept the tent super dry. Might be hard to picture but imagine a c shape around the tent. If there’s rain in the forecast just pick your tent site wisely and you’ll probably be aok doesn’t look like a big rain event coming up.
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    Weather Service is now backing off of any major event for anywhere except the eastern part of the state.
  7. Well, Heck, It did rain, on and off last night During Cards BIG Win, and this morning still spitting off and on, May not go to work to work in it.
    Sure slept Good, listening to the thunder bang, and rain hitting the metal roof. A very pleasant sound.
  8. Doesn't look like the Phoenix area will get much if any. I watered the outdoor plants this morning after holding off in hope of rain!
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  9. shoot, was going to go out fishing today and quail hunt tomorrow. today aint happening, 50 MPH winds, dust blowing everywhere, 60 degrees! tomorrow spose to be no wind and 66 high. will def be going out for the little birds if no wind. new shotgun, replaced my falling apart bird vest, ready to go!
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  10. We got some rain last night and a dusting of snow outside of Show Low this morning. On my way in to town I saw a ton of cars with 1-3 inches of snow on them. No clue which part of town those were coming from? Concho? Pinetop/Lakeside? Not a clue.
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