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    It's Raining right now . Rain is side ways and the wind push my grill at a 90 degree on the patio. Yea it slow in my life. :lol: Coming down in buckets.
  2. We got slammed tonight. Trees torn up, water running everywhere, no power. I'm on battery power right now with my laptop. Somehow I got my truck tangled up in downed power lines and have burned spots on the side of my truck. My daughter knew we were dead, so did I. I gunned it and kept it floored. it sounded like a shotgun went off in the cab. I guess God was watching over us.

    There's more headed our way.

  3. Wow Creed glad you guy's are ok. That's is darn scarry. Thank god for rubber tires...
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    What's going on out there in the desert anyways??
  5. Wow Creed.......glad you and Dallas came out of it okay.....I'd hate to have to take your new bow off of Carla's hands.....:D
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    Rain in Tucson

    So the news said you guys down in Tucson have been getting hammered with rain. I guess that will green every thing up down there. We up here in Phoenix only see a little of that rain. Our temps have been on the cool side though under 100 degrees. Sure wish we would receive some of that.