Rattlesnakes and Rodents

Discussion in 'Community Campfire' started by Chief, Sep 28, 2006.

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    My wife found this guy while she was pulling out weeds in her flower bed, said something about me putting him there :twisted: . We normally don't bother them and kinda have a live and let live policy. However now that the grandkids are always out here and running around I have taken to catching them and re-locating them, kinda like a sub-contractor for PETA :D The problem now is that we over run with mice and pack rats which was never a problem when we let the snakes take care of things. Have been setting traps and even shot a few but I need to put a big dent in the population - any suggestions?
  2. Bull and King snakes,

    The king snakes will take care of the rattlers also. Kind of clean everything up for you. Or maybe a Gila Monster or 2.

    Or give the grandkids a bb gun when they come over. LOL


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    You might try moth balls. It really messes up animals sense of smell and it might just drive em away. Dunno thought. Just a thought.