Rattlesnakes during early deer hunts

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  1. Crazy deal, I ran into a Rattlesnake at 345 AM on Saturday morning in 5a, and it was 44 degrees out. Walking and my head down in grass and saw it in my headlamp. Scared the crap out of me
  2. That one looks like a Mohave, Azpball.

  3. You Guys and these Dang Snakes, I hate all Snakes that bite, I get big "ol King snakes in my yard, I let them be because they keep rodent population down, But Lordy, I hear wife screaming and I know she has seen one up close, And I got to go running slowly. 2 years ago, while archery turkey hunting in 23, I was walking up trail to top, stretched out across trail was a 3 fter, head up, rattling but no noise coming from rhe rattles, ready to strike, he got a BIG rock on his head for his trouble, then I stomped on the rock to make sure I had done the deed well, and went around him. Never have I seen a rattler with no noise from the tail end, but was shaking it until then.
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  4. 16 years of hiking around all over AZ. Have not seen 3-4 rattlesnakes, only heard one, zero strikes on my body. Am I lucky?
    Do I not hunt the right areas?
    Got me guessing here!!!
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  5. Rick, Wait till you walk up on the Orange Serpent Gila Monster, then you need to be careful. Ive done it twice in 55+ years of hunting, dont really care for this encounter again .
  6. Rattlesnakes can live up to 9000' here in AZ. I go looking for them every chance I get. In the summer it's anyone's guess where they will be as they are hunting. In the fall/winter/spring they need to be near a shelter or den site. I have found most of these on a southern-facing talus slope.
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  7. Hi all, I got bit while camping on 35A just off Box Canyon Rd a few years ago, luckily a large one and not much damage. This happened in late February 2015, a weekend or 2 after the Javelina hunt. Seen them in late October as well. I have not run in to them up in the hills though, only in the lower amd grassy areas

    If its warm they'll be put there.
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  8. Rattlesnakes can regulate the amount of venom they inject from none to all. It is beneficial to them to not inject venom as it takes a while to replace it. In most cases, if they are just wanting to get your attention it's a dry bite. If you've kicked back five beers and are having someone hold the sixth while you try to prove how BA you are by ticking it off, you're going to get a good dose.
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