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  1. With all reloading components on short supply would anyone be interested in trading brass?
    I’m looking for 22-250 brass
    I have once fired 30-06 brass for trade in their factory boxes
    If anyone has other items to trade and looking for figure we can post them here
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  2. Okay. I'm looking for primers hahaha
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  3. I got plenty of them you can have all once used lol
    Yeah good friend on here convinced me to get some at the beginning of the year and powder while we were at rabbit camp.
    I get emails from Bruno’s when they have them but they are going for 45ish for srp
  4. lynn1130

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    Powder, primers, 223, 308 dies, nowhere to be found.
  5. Until after the election, they will be hard to find, Anyone hear the word "? HOARDING"? "?
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  6. That's not in my vocabulary
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  7. I think hoarding is only half the problem. Covid closed the only factory's that make the priming material. This shortage seems to be world wide!
    The last primer shortage, Friends in Australia, Canada, NZ, etc... could not imagine why we were short. They had them sitting on shelves every where. Not so this time.
    This is why we need to keep our supply chains here in this country! DR
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    Yes, the shortage, as I understand it has hit Canadian, and various other military. It has made it more difficult to get ammo.
  9. Fern, Still looking for 300 loading block, I may have given it to Jim.
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    @bearfoot1 @Fern

    I have the loading block, probably haven’t loaded 300BO since you gave it to me, if you want it to make a trade between the 2 of you or whatever I’ll find a way to get it to you.