Reminder: Big game application deadline is Tuesday

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    Hey the Dead Line is all most here! Tuesday the 26 is the last day.

    I am in for Javelina and Turkey. I am put in with a friend for the first time ( I put in by myself and hope to snag TAGS that way) So if I don't get Drawn I know it was his fault not mine. LOL I drop my Apps. off at the G$F office. Don't trust sailmail for that.
    I am putting in for Deer own my own app. and still not sure if it's Mule Deer or WT..... Looks like WT because the info I am getting is Mule Deer is down due to drought in the Unit I am looking at.
    Think I'll walk around Bass Pro Shops to get in the mood. IT'S Hot outside.
    So I will be one of those nuts who wait to the last day to turn my app. in.
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  2. :lol2: the date is June 26th till 7pm at all G&F offices but to let everyone know that at 5pm the office closes so if you need a lis you need to go to wal-mart or a dealer. we are putting in for Mule deer and turkey. the kingman office puts on a free BBQ for everyone that comes out. so have fun go out to your local office and help ppl who never put in for hunts you will feel good abut it. Don and I will be in Phx for the WCC meeting.

  3. TallPaul

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    I was thinking about The Super Raffle and the dead lines. OOPS.
    Super Raffle Dead Line is the 25th.
  4. it must be old age getting to you :hahaha: :lol2: :p JK
  5. Dave Price

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    Paul, I know you will get drawn if you put in with the right person :rolleyes:
    (put in for the WT) we will tear then up!
  6. Here is an email i just got from G&F about the deadline go ahead and read it.
    Rory Aikens, (602) 789-3214
    Public Information Officer

    Arizona Game and Fish Department

    For immediate release June 21, 2007

    Reminder: Big game application deadline is Tuesday, June 26

    PHOENIX – The Arizona Game and Fish Department wants to remind hunters that the big game hunt application deadline for fall deer, bighorn sheep, turkey, javelina and buffalo is June 26 at 7 p.m., and postmarks don’t count.

    There is no online application process available. Hunters must submit a paper application.

    Printed application forms and 2007-08 Hunting and Trapping Regulations are available at all license dealers and department offices. They can also be downloaded from the department’s Web site at

    Hunters submitting paper applications must remember to include their tag and application fees, and license fee, if they haven’t already purchased a hunting license. Those fees can be submitted by personal check, cashier’s check or money order.

    Hunters who already applied using the online process before it was suspended do not need to resubmit a paper application. Those applicants by now should have received a confirmation letter stating their online application received prior to May 21 is valid for this fall’s big game draw.

    Despite the changes in the draw application process, there will be no effect on the draw itself or how it is conducted. Draw results will be available online at no later than Aug. 10, and hunt permit-tags for successful applicants will be mailed out no later than Aug. 10.

    Refund warrants will be mailed out no later than Aug. 24, a week later than originally scheduled.
  7. TallPaul

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    Taking it easy.

    Okay I am one of those last minute people to turn in my Deer App.. Just filled it out and was going to take it the the G$F Office. I had 19 minutes till 5:00 PM. I have made that drive in 16 minutes before, but this time I didn't want to chance a ticket or worse. I know they will be open until 7:00 PM tomorrow and will settle on putting in the last minute. I did this(last minute ) one other time and didn't get drawn. I will be changing it this time with a tag instead of a BP.:D
    I already put my Apps. in for Javelina and Turkey. Just waited for a guy to let me know if he was putting in for Deer.
  8. my is ready to go in tomorrow at the office lmao well we go for the free food :lol2: i guess u can say we been around Don to long :hahaha: good luck everybody
  9. TallPaul

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    Made it.

    I got my Deer App. in the G$f office at 3:30 PM today. I hate last minute, but I am in. :beer: alot of people there but I know it was going to be worst by 7:00PM. So now the big waiting game. Any one knows if the will have a vender for online info. I heard at the Bow Guidelines meeting that they are not sure about ANY venders soon. So I have to wait for the sailmail???:evil: