Rental Cabins in the North?

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  1. A couple of years ago - my family rented a cabin in Christopher Creek and my wife and daughter loved it. I'm looking for ideas for this year. Can be White Mountains, Hannigan Meadow, Payson - whatever - just looking for some neat and affordable ideas. Only requirement is that we need a handicapped accessible cabin, and there has to be some nearby activities that are wheelchair accessible.

    On another note, the company toyed with renting one of the WM "Rent A Lake"s a couple of years ago, and I'd like to look into it again, but I can't find it. Does anyone know what I am talking about? If so - do you have a website? Thanks :D
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    Shane and I looked into renting one of the lakes on the White Mountain Apache Res for a get-together, was absolutely cost prohibitive for the number of people involved. Don't remember the exact cost but I do rember it being rather costly. Wife and I have stayed at the Lodge in Alpine, motel/bar/eatery, and even played around with the idea of buying it many years ago. It's been a long time since we stayed there, was nice at the time, can't vouch for it now. Likewise with the Hannigan Meadow's Cabins. I believe both of them are handicap friendly.

  3. The WMAT rent a lakes dont have any cabins on them, at least the ones I know of......and you have to reserve early to get it unless it isnt during prime time.
    There are cabins at Hawley lake, that were taken away from non indians 20+ years ago, that you can rent.
    Also, USFS has cabins in different parts of the state that are rentable, but dont know much more than that.
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    Rat, get ahold of Seldomseen. He and his forum crew rented a lake in the WMAT last year and I believe it was something like $375 a day. Time everyone pitched in their equal share, it was really quite affordable. I believe there's only 2 lakes you can rent. Cyclone and Christmas Tree, I think? Anyway, get ahold of him for details.
  5. Thanks guys.

    To be clear - the cabins are for my family, the lake rental thing would be for the company.....
  6. DR, don't forget about the North Rim country. There are cabins at Jacob's Lake but I don't remember if they are handi-capped accessible but a quick call would let you know. My wife, youngest daughter & I stayed at one a couple years back and liked them. We usually camped in the Kaibab but this time we were coming down from Wy and I didn't feel like packing all the stuff. The Kaibab is beautiful and you can go see the North Rim country of the Grand Canyon, it gets about 25% of the vistors the South Rim does. In fact, even tho I have lived here for 20 years I have yet to see the South Rim, the North gets my attention.