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  1. Results are up on the phone system, 7W archery bull for me.

  2. rk

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    Nov. bull 5BS for my daughter.

  3. Not drawn! Congrats to you guys!
  4. My daughter and I drew BP's for both.........
  5. 3bNorth for archery antelope and 5a for archery bull.....

    I also went out and got some lottery tickets. LOL This just dont happen to me. especially after drawing turkey for the first time after 13 years of applying. What a year. Now if the lottery tickets just come through for me. I will be set.

  6. AZ~ThunderDan

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    A big Congratulations to all who were drawn.

    Bone-us points for wife, son and myself. My brother drew an early rifle bull elk tag in 4A, so I know where I'll be come September.

    Garth, I can't believe you didn't get drawn. What an absolute bummer.
  7. yeah

    congrats to all good luck on your hunts my friend got bull in unit 10 :D
  8. Chief

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    Nothing here, not complaining, but I just don't understand how I could have 16 points and not get drawn. I have been very selective in the areas I put in for, and they are not easy draws, but with 16 points you would think......oh well. Fairly certain that next year I'll put in for cow and get it over with.
  9. yeah

    well G&F is working on that now they are going to set aside so many tags for people that have high BP's i dont know when this going to take place. but it will happen hopefully be soon.