Ricky the G's 2020 Deer n Elk adventure

Discussion in 'Big Game' started by RickyG, Oct 24, 2020.

  1. Verified zero on two rifles this morning. Pulled the camper out and began cleaning and loading. Pull out early monday morning. Anyone living near 7 who wants to come up 180 for a burger one evening let me know.

    More to come, Deer starts 30th then end of Nov I'm back for elk.

    Toodles ya'll
    Ricky the G
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  2. Best of luck to you Rick G. Wish I had drawn either species. I fully expect pics from your hunts.

  3. Good luck Ricky,
    I can't visit with you next week, I'll take you on your "dinner" offer around elk hunt time.

  4. Hope it’s as good as 2019 I think you tagged out both last year.
  5. Good luck.....make sure you bring some ice for your "adult beverage"! :rolleyes:
  6. Good luck on both your hunts. My wife and I are just now preparing to get all ready to start butchering and grinding. The Elk has been in the huge Ice chest she purchased for a week now. Got knifes to sharpen and let the fun begin. We have a vacuum sealer ready to put all the steaks I can manage to get out of this wonderful animal that gave up its life so we can enjoy the fruits of the labor.
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  7. I’m sure you will fill the tag. Trying to see if I can go up there for a day or two but my sons well check is on the opener.
    Let me know where you will camp at so I can try to make arrangements
  8. Loaded and ready to roll..... representin !



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