Rifle Sling

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  1. To keep the rifle sling from slipping off your shoulder, just sew
    a button on the shoulder of your hunting jacket. The only down side is that you can't just whip the rifle off your shoulder when you need that quick shot.
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  2. I’m a huge fan of using the Viking Tactics padded sling. I use them on all my long guns to include my shotgun.

    The speed and versatility of adjustment just can’t be beat in my book. The price is probably higher than what most guys want to spend at $45.00. I know some will be turned off just because it was originally designed as a “tactical” sling but also understand the designer is also a huge hunter and has a hunting version.


    Sorry would put up a video but I’m on the bike right now peddling my but off and this is a bout the best I can muster at the moment.
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  3. PPD7800--will have to take a second look at the Viking...have seen them, they look good. But, as you have said, the price. However, hearing someone have one and use them...deserves a second look for me now. Thanks for the input!
  4. Quake Claw Sling got it on Amazon for $25. Stays grippy even when its wet. I like it because I walk around a lot and it seems to stay put pretty well. Also not expensive its the only one I own so I can't comment on other products.
  5. Steve, I really like being able to open open up the sling nice and long which will allow me to sling over my head while wearing a pack (imagine sling going over my right shoulder/neck crossing down my back order my left arm). Add in some quick disconnect cups like these https://www.magpul.com/products/msa-qd One on the side of the stock about 2-4 from the recoil pad on the primary side and one on the forend on the support side it allows the rifle to hang close to the body in a nice cross body muzzle depressed position.

    With the ability to quickly tighten up the sling by simply pulling on the slack end allows you to get good tension if you desire to use the sling a s shooting aid.
  6. Will be stopping in at Cabela's on my way to Rabbit Camp Thursday--potentially. Will take a look.

  7. Steve,

    I like the Quake Slimline Claw sling at Cabela’s for $23. They come in black, brown and a lighter camo color. They come with sling swivels installed and they adjust quickly to the needed size. They have a bit of give to them and they stay on your shoulder. They are thin enough to be used for sling aided marksmanship and they come off the shoulder much easier than the older cobra style Claw sling. They are pretty much weatherproof and they aren’t overly heavy.

    I also like simple leather straps, but I have specialty slings for different guns and applications.

    Walmart has a simple sling marketed as the Viper Sling. Fern and I got one of those, for $11-12 they are great and ultralight, but they aren’t as good for a one sling for many guns solution.
  8. I have seen the Claw sling at Sportsmans (I think)...will go take a look this weekend. I did not get to stop in at Cabela's driving through Phx...too many issues at PHX