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  1. I plan on my next rifle being for predators. Specifically, I want one that will work if I happen to call in a lion as well. I'm thinking .22-250 What are some other good choices?
  2. I shoot a .220swift, but the ammo can be expensive if you don't reload. I have read rave reviews of the .204ruger and received specific feedback from a cousin of mine that has one. He used to use his .220swift until he got a .204, now the swift sits in the closet. The .22-250 is a good round also and if you want cheap and readily available ammo don't forget about the .223. Any of the fast .22 calibers will suffice for varmints. If you want a dual purpose rifle the .243 or 6mm calibers are good choices. You can use the light wieght bullets, 60 to 70 gr, for varmints and heavier bullets, 90 to 100 gr, for deer.

  3. I'd go with the .243 Winchester or 6mm Remington.
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    I have one of the Savage 10XP in 22-250. I have been pleased with it so far
  5. lately ive been leaning towards a .243 myself.
  6. didn't say if you wanted a bolt action or gas op...? the new Savages can't be beat out of the box for a bolt action. If it is an AR platform, i would just change my upper into a .204 or 6.8 for bigger. cost a lot less than a complete rifle. of course cost is relative to your wallet when you consider the cost of the gun, then the mount, then the optics, it gets up there in price sometimes, but you can still get good used guns and build up. there are plenty old Savages and Remmy's out there to work on.
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    ...and one that clearly belonged in the Firearms section. :nyah:

    Marshall, unless you ever own a .243, you'll probably never understand the universality of one.

    The .22-250 will certainly serve the purpose you've outlined in your post, just proceed cautiously - and don't limit yourself.
  8. man i didn't even notice the 2006 date on that!!!! I knew i could raise the dead! I HAVE THE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!