Riggs Flat lake?

Discussion in 'Fishing' started by DutchmanAZ, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. Has anyone fished this at all? I believe it's up on Mt. Graham - someone please correct me if I'm wrong. As high as Mt. Graham is, I would imaging the weather at the lake would be fairly cool, or at least similar to the Rim lakes.
    Can anyone give an idea on what that area is like?

    BTW - is there any water at all in Picacho reservior? I was there years ago and it was mostly a swamp with very little water in it. I believe it's fed from the Gila?
  2. TallPaul

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    Hey DutchmanAZ, You are right about Riggs Lake being up by MT.Graham looks like it is on FR 803.
    I never been there myself, so I can't offer anything.
    PS. Nice to see as a member.

  3. Chief

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    Have been up there in years past but not yet this year. Fishing was always good and I killed my first AZ bear up there.