Rocky Mountain Oysters and Green Sunfish

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  1. That brings back memories. I didn't like China very much but the food was amazing. Nothing like the Chinese food here in the states. We used to go to a large fish market on the Pearl River. You buy the seafood you want and then walk across the street and have it cooked. Seafood and beer while watching the millions of Chinese walk by.
  2. My favorite place for lamb fries, much like RMO, is the Cattleman Cafe in Stockyards City, OK. The rumor is they sell 300 servings a day. They offer them with cocktail sauce, lemon, or without. They are the consistency of the egg portion of a McDonalds McGriddle. I stop there every time I pass through and founder myself. The other place I have had RMO is the Big Texan in Amarillo, TX. They are a different flavor and can run from chewy to tender.

  3. I agree 3 fingers and a nice glass!
  4. Classy, you have good taste of alcohol!
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  5. Spent 32 years of my life in OKC and many trips to Cattlemens. An incredible place to get a great steak and some calf fries.
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  6. My first time I made the mistake of getting steak and lamb fries. With the huge roll and a heaping portion of fried okra, I couldn't finish it all. Now I just get the lamb fries and okra. My wife gets the steak.
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  7. I went to a cattlemans in the stockyard in DFW once. It was a big disappointment. I don't know if they are the same chain or not , but I'm glad I brought my own knife. Also got a parking ticket that night :mad:
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  8. I can't imagine them being the same outfit. The CC has been there for something like 80-90 years and the walls are covered with drawings of old western singers and movie stars. The booths and decor are very 1960s. It very much has the feel of someplace that cattlemen would go after selling their herd. Anything a cowboy needs is within two blocks from saddles to custom boots and hats.