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  1. I'm purchasing the REMINGTON, the Rossi might still be available. Jump on it good beginner kit.

  3. 46CEE8F2-ACBA-491C-B14E-C034B031FFB7.jpeg Added if someone buys the Rossi I will throw in some 22 shells and 2 boxes of 20ga. This is not for sale! See picture;
  4. is the Rossi a single shot?
  5. Yes sent you pictures
  6. 7F381505-8CCC-4325-9895-14C35993DDA2.jpeg A201C2D2-0D17-43C7-BC6E-57A6A8AE8A7F.jpeg
    Price Drop for the weekend.

    $175 for the Rossi and the 22 & 20ga shells included.

    $450 for the BPS and will throw in a case of RIOs(see picture)
  7. If that Rossi was 410 or 28ga I would be all over it.
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  8. The Rossi is sold. All that is left is the Browning BPS. Offers?
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  9. In
    One last price drop.
    $400.00 FIRM for the “BPS” !
    This gun is practically new has maybe 100 rounds all AA low recoil. Have original box & factory chokes(F,M & IC) plus 1 extended(MOD)
  10. Up one more time. Still have the BPS.