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Went out on another Dove hunt with a few Friends Saturday. Josh, Dan, Ron G. and his dog Ranger. They all were waiting for me to show up and I was late. I told them that we would meet at 5:00AM and Leave at 5:05 AM. I showed up after Josh called me at 5:15 AM. I really was waiting and talking on the phone with a friend that was coming with his 2 kids. I don't have a cell phone ( I am cheap). Got out there just before day break. So I guess I wasn't to late. I had a great time and those guys all got their limits. I was TRYING to take photos and figure out the camera thing. Most of the pictures didn't come out that well.

Sun Rise

The Moon was out

Dan taking a shot

He got it

Ron and Ranger, Josh and Dan








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Great pics Paul. Looks like you all had a fun trip. How'd Ranger perform? He does retrieve, correct?

That moon picture would have been awesome except for the fact you had the camera set on Auto-focus. Notice the branches closest to you are crystal clear (focused) and the moon is not? Next time, set the camera to landscape mode. :wink:

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TD, I didn't get to hunt with Ranger. I split up with Dank and we were not near those guys until the end, but Ranger was ready all the time. Most of the picture didn't turn out. I forget about the settings on the camera and trying to out shoot Dank wasn't easy. I also had my sunglasses on , witch doesn't help see the back of my camera. :lol: Hey , but I'm getting those picture down in size instead of BIG. :lol: It was a good time but won't be able to hunt there much longer.... House going in. :evil:

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Nice pictures Paul. I haven't been out as often as I would have liked, but those days I went out we did get a limit. Civilization is also creeping in on us down here and it's getting harder and harder to find a decent place to shoot. Wife and I were just discussing some of the changes we are seeing down here in Cochise County. One of the saloons I use to visit, rarely, had a correl in the back were we could put our horses, now it's a paved parking lot. The place I killed my first desert mulie is now the busiest intersection in town, my second mulie was taken were the high school now sits and the third mulie I killed was in the middle of what is now a RV Park for "snow birds". I gave up hunting mulies in hopes of preserving some hunting grounds! Housing developemnet has claimed most of our excellent small game and predator hunting places. Was a time when you could go into town with boots, cowboy hat, jeans and cowboy shirt and nobody would notice ya, now it's all pressed slacked, button down shirts and cell phones. Most of the new "imports" are either from CA or east of the Mississippi and a lot of them are bringing there anti-gun, anti-hunting ways with them. It's a whole new world for us here in Arizona.

PS: kenton6 - your more than welcome to visit - ya just can't stay :wink:
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