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  1. Hello
    I am fairly new to hunting and have only bagged one deer archery 2 years ago. I have an OTC deer,elk, and turkey tag and would like to try to bag as much as I can this year. I made this forum not to talk about honey holes but to have tips and tricks on how to scout and other general hunting tips/ advice. I keep hearing it’s a dying sport and I don’t want that to happen so let’s pass on advice to keep hunting alive!
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  2. Welcome to AHT !! Before you ask for advice post a small bio about yourself and more on your hunting skills in " Welcome and Orientation" thread. Thats where to start on this forum.
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  3. "Fairly new to hunting . . . only one archery deer" Do you hear the sarcasm in my statement. Oh if only I could say the same. Thinking I should ask for tips from you. The only tip I can give is, don NOT follow my example. You'll do fine then.

    Good luck on you hunts.
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  4. I only got my deer because I had a tag and I was actually javelina hunting I realize how dumb that sounded now but In general I am purposefully hunting for deer now and last year I had to eat my tag for dinner I’m just trying to become an all around better hunter
  5. A lot to unpack here! I hear setting up game cameras over water is a good scouting practice. The spots that have lots of cameras must mean lots of critters too :) Just watch out for the eco hipsters who have them up for viewing and sharing on FB Groups :p These guys will spook off big game and/ or push them to other water sources that they donate to fill! Some tax write off BS or something!

    All jokes aside, my personal scouting tips are to search for off the beaten path spots. Also, to keep your expectations realistic. AZ’s OTC tags draw the attention of a lot of out of staters, especially the winter hunts!