Second Weekend Dove

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  1. I just couldn't resist one more morning. With the cooler weather and still lots of birds around my son and I decided we would go one more time. Glad we did. The birds were a little later in flying but there was lots of action once they did. Finished the season with four limits on four days of hunting. Good year for sure. Time to turn my focus on upcoming deer and elk hunts.
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    What does your son shoot?

  3. He doesn't shoot yet. Next year.
  4. He’s a retriever like my son lol
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  5. This year’s turning out to be a good one! Still great numbers heading into the last couple days of the season! Can’t remember the last time I could honesty say that :)
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  6. We could use the rain but the lack of storms seems to have kept the birds around longer.
  7. Great to see those young folks out in the field. Love of the outdoors starts early! Kudos Kelly.
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  8. This has been a great dove season, probably the best I’ve had. Hopefully good fortune continues through the fall and winter.

    Good luck on your deer and elk hunts @KellyC
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  9. Well, I couldn't resist either! One last hooray during the waning moments of the season spent with a box of 28 gauge shells. Wasn't expecting a limit with only about 30 minutes of total hunt time, but when things got close I was really trying to will myself to it. It wasn't meant to be though and there weren't quite enough birds to make up for some easy misses that I had. No complaints from me though, it was an excellent season!
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