Shed Hunting

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  1. This looked like the best place to ask this question. Who likes to shed hunt? I’m thinking about looking for sheds in the mountains from both elk and deer with the dog. We’ve started some intro training and he seems to enjoy the activity.
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  2. So funny I was going to ask the same quistion...I use to a lot in Wa. State but shed time is so diffreant here then there. It’s great exercise to get out and do it. What time of year do deer/elk shed out here?
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  3. Same here- I’ve only picked them up back in NY. The best time was just after the snow melted in the early Spring. My plan was to try in Feb-March.
  4. sounds like another great opportunity to get out.
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  5. We need to get you out Steve!
  6. March, April or May, after horns have fallen around Payson. Anywhere there are elk, sheds will be around. Do I go out specifically for horn hunt- No, usually doing deer scout by then and then Im .looking for horns.
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  7. Thanks for tip on the time of year. Will the elk still have horns in late February?
  8. Really, Its different every year, They got horns now, late FEB, Who knows.
  9. I was told and hopefully the Hunter that told me was mistaken, shed hunting was illegal in this state all year round.. please tell me I was misinformed
    If so I’m def interested in getting out to find them
  10. Not Illegal, people do it all over up here, then sell the horns, to a horn buyer that shows up in April. Sheds are not illegal, picking up horns that have been cut off are, say from a road kill animal.
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