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  1. I realize it may be a little too early but I am planning on taking my 10 year old boy out in the woods near Flagstaff and hunt for sheds. This will be our first time really out together doing something like this outdoors. I realize how tough shed hunting can be and was wondering if anyone can help point me in a general vicinity where I might be able to find him a shed or two?

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  2. Welcome to AHT Ryan!!!
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  3. Welcome... this will be my first year shed hunting but my research has directed me to start at higher elevation and move down the washes and into Juniper flats.. away from roads and campsites... it won’t come easy but being out in the wilderness will surely create some lasting memories... I too still believe it’s too cold but that doesn’t mean you can’t find last years sheds... happy hunting
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  4. Welcome to AHT Ryan, Anywhere in the woods is good, elk have not dropped yet, still a bit cold.
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  5. Welcome to the group. Good to see you getting your boy out to enjoy what the great outdoors has to offer!
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  6. Welcome to the group, I had a hunt in 15' that i did 3 or 4 scouting trips for Unit 10 (west of Flagstaff and north of the 40). Most of it was on the Big Bo ranch but I did find 1 shed west of Flagstaff near the intersections of 124 and 6 (north of Ash Fork) . As some have said, I believe its to early but when you do go out look for some elevation and the ones I found stuck out pretty well (being pretty white in the sun). Great that your taking your son out, i can still remember my dad taking me out squirrel hunting in pa at 8..... :)
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  7. anytime now...... gotta race me to it!!!! dont know where you live but if you are starting out i would hit somewhere that isn't local. flagstaff is just wayyyyy to populated and the surround forest with pockets of communities. those locals rip up and down in their quads and side by sides picking up sheds. if you look into the desert areas or forest where there isn't a lot of traffic you will find sheds a lot easier. i dont exactly shed hunt but i pick them up. most i got in a day was like 4 or 5.
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  8. different unit, but last time i was out, about 2 weekends ago I got a shoulder, and leg bone, the week prior i got a shed. Going out with others we've come across cattle and deer. It's all about keeping your eyes open, and I told my daughter that i'm going to build her a monstrosity with what i find.
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    Welcome to AHT!

    Like gold, sheds are where you find them. I have heard many people say that walking fences is productive because when the bulls jump over the fence, it can jar the antlers loose. I can't recall ever finding a shed by a fence. :)
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  10. I find sheds when I'm not looking hahaha. Found 2 giant elk sheds on a deer hunt. On a hunt when it started to sleet I curled up under a juniper and fell asleep, when I woke up I was looking at a nice deer shed, my first.

    Good luck.
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