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    I havn't hunted sheep yet. Never put in for the draw. I don't think I would have a chance getting a tag and and I don't know much about them and they are to far to go scouting every weekend. I think they give out 1 tag for the area by Canyon Lake- just looked it up and it looks like units 22 or 24B and it is one tag each. Oh that's not to far from me. Any body put in for these area's?

    I just couldn't stand seeing that NObody posted here. :roflpmp:
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    I would love to hunt sheep, but because the odds of drawing are so slim, I don't even bother. Probably not a good idea, but I just don't see me getting drawn.

    I've seen many big-horned sheep on the cliffs above Canyon Lake. I sure miss having my boat and those great family trips to the lake.

  3. The odds may be slim at drawing a tag, but if you don't apply you surely will not be drawn. I have a lady friend who got drawn the first year she put in. She, her husband and I all went on the hunt and she ended up with a nice desert ram from 13B. It was her final ram for her Grand Slam. She and her husband invited me and my wife to Vegas the following year when she got her Grand Slam Certificate. Quite an honor and I sure was glad I was part of it. I have a picture of her, I and the ram, soon as I get it scanned I'll post it. I've put in every year for the last 20 - still no tag but I'll continue to try.
  4. [​IMG]

    As promised. That is an awful young Chief as all from this site who have met me can attest to. The hair is thinned out and is gray and the paunch is ---- well rather extended a bit.

    What you can't see from this picture is that right behind us and a little further up is the other three sheep, this is number four and completes her Grand Slam.
  5. I know 2 guys that drew their Desert Bighorn tags before they were 20 years old, then one also drew his Rocky Mtn tag before he was 32, so it can be done.
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    Chief, are you related to the Sapranos? LOL.
  7. Yeah, as a matter of fact I am. So don't be suprised if you should get a late night visit from a couple of guys with brokens noses driving a big black caddy.