She's coming along nicely

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  1. So I've never built a gun in my life, let alone an Ar-10. I THINK the only thing left to buy is my BCG and brake... Then I'm just waiting on the rest of the parts to arrive. I'm hoping to get a JP .308 Low-mass BCG, unless anyone had any suggestions?

    I just had to retun my barrel to Wilson Combat because I didn't realize there's threaded vs non threaded barrels.... idiot me. That rippled into me having to also get a new gas block for a larger barrel so... one thing into the next. Basically how this whole scenario has goneo_O.

    My buddy said he'd help me build an Ar-15. Turns out they are way different than 10s.

    Here it is so far. Obviously very naked but you get the idea. 20200927_090926.jpg

    Anyways, I'm off to bed. One more night in the lab and then I have to get ready for camp!!
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