Shooting high

Discussion in 'Archers Lodge' started by Acarleton, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. No not that kind of high.

    I’ve been shooting high. Moved my sight housing and pin as high as I can go, adjusted my peep sight, arrow rest and adjusted my D loop still shooting high. Any recommendations on what else I can do to help fix this problem?

  2. Crouch!

    Can you move your pin and peep farther apart?
  3. I can but would have to change my anchor point.
  4. I am shooting 340 spine 8.4 arrows also.
  5. It might help. The farther apart the more change to your vertical you will get
  6. Anchor at same point ? I know, but guys anchor different at times, not thinking about it. Same arrows, Points? Changed anything ? If all else fails move sight in direction you need more room and resight all pins. Yep, I know a Pain to do, but we have all needed to at some point. It happens.
  7. I thought the same, sounds like an anchor point issue.

    Is it a new bow for you? Has it ever shot the way you want it to?
  8. make sure the arrow is level in the rest (sounds like you did this)

    then I'd look at my anchor point, could you have shifted it high? I've done that a few times.
    the other possibility is you are pushing the bow at the shot because you want to see where the arrow went. follow through and don't worry about the arrow until after the shot is over.

  9. field point weight, draw length, arrow length and poundage for the bow?