shooting inside city limits???

Discussion in 'Hunting Lounge' started by crtbc, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. Curious question... say your in scottsdale, and you know of an area that you can be at min 600 yds from ANY dwelling... and you wanted to do some yote hunting within this area, which encompasses 1000 x 1500 yds of safe shooting area before reaching 400 yd mark BUT STILL WITHIN CITY LIMITS

    is it legal to hunt and shoot a gun?...... I'm thinkin mainly .22lr or shotty

  2. I was wondering about that up here too, only i know you cant discharge a firearm, what about a bow?
  3. I think the waters are pretty muddled when it comes to archery.. Most laws state you cannot discharge a firearm within city limits, If the law stays that specific you should be alright. If it states you cannot discharge a weapon then I would think thats a different story. but I bet if you whack a yote and it dies within eyeshot of a greeny you will be explaining yourself to someone with a badge. And that might get ugly at some point. I would do some carefull checking of the laws up there before I did anything along those lines. just in case.
  4. I know that in scottsdale (talking to the police) its ok to discharge a pellet gun if you have a valid backstop....and It doesn't say weopon or bow it says firearm.....

    remember.... laws are meant to limit if it's not WRITTEN then it doesn't apply... similar to why we are an open carry state... there is no law forbiddening it but yet there is no law allowing it.... LAWS don't ALLOW things... they PROHIBIT them
  5. Very true, But all of them are open to the interpratation ( sorry if I misspelled that one) of the officer(s) on scene, then of the judge you get to stand before. And officers have a whole long list of things they can stack upon you if they so desire, as do the judges, and the prosecutors. Either way, whether you win or lose in that case, you will have lost a bunch of your own time, probably at least a bit of your own money, and will end up giving someone a new idea about prohibiting archery in town.

    So with the "devils advocate" stuff out of the way.. if I could figure a way to swing it, I would be looking into doing the same thing. If they only knew how many pets you stand to save by taking out a bunch of citified yotes, the middle of the fence folks might look at things differently.
  6. just gotta watch out for that tricky lawyer jargen. Back in missouri the law that defines a firearm is written as "any device that propels a projectile" even a nerf ball gun would fall into this category. I personally wouldnt risk it without knowing exactly what the law is! discharging a firearm in city limits is now a felony from what I understand? Felony = No guns!!!
  7. I live in north Scottsdale and have had a huge bobcat in my back yard three times in the last year looking to make a snack out of our little dog. The bow is near the back door and I know the neighbors would not be happy if they saw a wounded cat running through their yard. I need to make a clean shot.
  8. If you end up having to shoot the bobcat, to protect your animals, use a Rage two blade and he shouldn't go far at all. Should dang near cut him in half.
  9. az law also provides that you are allowed to shoot inside city limits if you are protecting yourslef from wildlife.... walk out your door shoot the bobcat and when the cops come say he was stalking you (if thats what actually happened of course cause I'm not going to tell you to lie or anything ;)....)
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