Shotgun wood stock conditioner?

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  1. So im getting my double barrel ready for dove season. Cleaning checking the chokes stocking the closet with shells. My question is what do you guys clean your wood stock with? Soap and water obvious but what about a wood oil? Thought I'd give mrs Murphys oil a try but only did it in a small part underneath. Not sure if im doing more harm than good. Any input? Tnx

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  2. I usually wipe it down with gun oil or lemon wood polish your wife would use for wood furniture inside the house.

  3. soap and water, saddle soap works really well, just don't get the wood too wet, Renaissance wax is about the best you can get. you can use it on wood and metal, a blued barrel polished up with it (just like car wax) is amazing. for wood, put on a coat and let sit in the garage so the hot air will make it absorb a little, put on another coat and let it dry like car polish then buff it off.

    for future you can always use 4-5 coats of Tung oil and that will leave a basically impermeable barrier of clear coat. or you can cheat and use poly in a can.
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  4. Thanks. i used gun oil for now just to give it a little moisture. Wax? that sounds interesting. So wax and oil can be used. would you use oil then put wax? say tung oil then followed by renaissance? thanks guys i really appreciate it.
  5. tung oil is a totally different process, it takes day to put a few coats on properly. a thin oil, say Rem oil will work and should give a matte shine when you hand buff it. wax will work over the oil, DON"T use car wax! Ren wax is specifically for wood, although it can be used on metal also w/o worrying about abrasives scratching.
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