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    Who got what and what do you use them for? I got more than I need and everytime my son comes over it seems that I have one less.
    Last Christmas my wife bought me a 28ga 870 Wingmaster which I really enjoy shooting. I have two in 16ga, one Rem 870 and an old Win Mdl 12 that my dad bought me at the end of WWII with his "mustering out" pay. Believe he told me he paid $35.00 for it. Many in 20ga and to damn many in 12ga, but alas none in 410. One of the 12's is an old Win Mdl 96, cheap version of the 101, as much as I try to retire that shotgun it seems that it is the one that is always with me.
  2. I've got a couple 870's, a 12 guage wingmaster with a bird barrel and a couple slug barrels and a 20 with a slug barrel. I've got an 1187 premier trap gun, a couple Ithica modle 37 12 & 20. I've got a NEF ultra slug gun in 12 gauge.

    We deer hunt here with slug guns and I like all the shot gun sports, trap, skeet, and sporting clays. I also handload for all my shotguns.

  3. I have a Mossberg Mdl 500A that I get to shoot, an old Spencer dbl with hammers, damascus steel that I use at HE classes and my girls have a youth 870 in 20 ga & a Rem 1100 that was their grandfathers. I ain't much on bird hunting so they seldom get drug out anymore.
  4. Just my benelli supernova 12ga..
  5. i got a Rem 20 GA LW mag i use for all small game hunting i just love that shotgun its the best one i got lol also have a moss 12 GA that i use for turkey hunting and thats all the shotguns for me
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    Ruger Red Label 12 and 28, 1100 .410 (daughters gun), Beretta 303 20 ga, and Benelli Super Black Eagle. I use them all.

    Doug Gordon
  7. Remington 870 Express Magnum 12g. I use for everything. 3 12g. Mossbergs my boys use. I really want a nice 12g.Auto loader though. Remington/ Charles Daley/ Benelli.. Oh someday....