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    I have a good friend who is a Game Warden back east who comes out here at least once a year for a week or two of predator calling. He is always telling me how they use a siren back east to locate coyotes. Seems they get to howling pretty good when it goes off. I have never used one and never had been with anybody who has, so on a whim I programmed a siren into my FX3. I went out this morning looking for some javelina to kill this coming Friday and took the FX3 with me. On my first set up over looking a big canyon chock full of mesquite, cat-claw, prickley pear and sage I decided to give the siren a try. I no sooner turned it on and a "covey of illegals took off in all directions. Appears that they have heard that sound before and decided it best to vacate the area. Thinking about stopping at the Border Patrol station and telling them about a new way to locate illegals. :D
  2. That's great Chief.... :lol:

    Did you stand up and wave at them?

  3. Those were Mexican masked bob brown quail. Not very tasty. The government wants to spend millions introducing them in the US. Right now they are protected.
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    Yeah I did stand and gave them the finger wave.

    ThomC - the government has done a fine job, one of their rare success stories. Hopefully once they they come off the protected list we can start hunting them.
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    :roflpmp: Now that is too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!