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  1. I'd figure I'd like to share my experiences out in the back country. I enjoy sharing the knowledge Ive gained over the years. Whether it be success or failure I'm willing to share it. So lets get into it. Caution grammar will be horrible. In stead of writing maybe Ill do audio. I also thought of getting a go pro and making videos.


    I made my way through the washes, over ridges into the brush. Listening to song birds and ravens. I rested under junipers watching the raptors soar. I tried and tried to get quail to call but no response. Was it the heat? Could it be the whistle I was using just didn't work? As I made my way farther into the mountains. I heard the flutter of wings to my right. I spun around to my right. Locked eyes on a group of quail. My sights met a bird and I pulled the trigger. I watched the bird stop. It landed on its feet and froze. Here's where I made a mistake. Never take your eyes off the prize. I grabbed my spent shell only for that bird to disappear. I made my way up the hill. At the ready for them to flush again. At the top to my surprise it fell to a steep ravine. My heart was racing, my breathing was heavy. Thinking that they went down. I made my to the opposite side. My legs were shaking as I scrambled across the wall and slid down in the scree. I got to the bottom. Nothing. Circled back around to where I shot. Nothing. Back up the hill to where I heard the fluttering of wings. Nothing. Trying and trying from them to call back. Nothing. It was now noon. I made my way back. Still at the ready. Rabbit? Quail? Went to the east to find some spent 12 gauge cases. Flutter! Up over they go again. Circle around. Up and over they go again. My time was ending. I made my back to a nice surprise. A black and white tail sticking up in the brush. A doe hopped along. I followed that doe to three more and a fawn. I stopped to take video as they stopped to watch me. Making my way back the road was getting closer. "Time to call it, watch there will be quail." I said to myself. Sure enough they went up the side towards the road. Unfortunately I was too close to the boundary line to keep playing. I think the deer were coues. The tail was a like a white tail but black. video: video:
    I'll try and upload pictures. I took 14. I may just have to upload them to a image hosting site.

    Feed back welcome.
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  2. 11/23/20

    Along the drive I spotted some quail crossing the road on my to the area Ive been hunting. I took it as a good sign. Getting ready I heard them call in the distance. I made my way down into the wash to come across a rabbit. Still to close to the road for me to shoot. I head along a ridge gaining some elevation to drop down into a small wash. I followed the wash to a grassy area getting my hopes up with trails and bed sign. With no luck I decided to head east into a new area following another small wash. Around noon with only game traisl and scat for sign I turned around. To my right I heard that distinct sound of wings fluttering. I spotted four quail shooting up a hill. I went up to a ridge to try and push them back down. As I made my way up the sun was directly in my face. I heard the flutter sound again put could not get sight on them. I sat down and tried to call them. Silence. I made my way into a small ravine full of oak scrub thinking they were in there. No luck. Heading back I came across one calling near a dirt road. Got him to call back but lost him. No shots fired today. On the drive home I saw a nice group fly over the road. I decided to give that area another go.

    Thinkin about getting a go pro to film, maybe santa will be nice to me this year... ;)

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