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  1. 12/28/2020

    It was a good day. Even though I came back empty handed.
    I can now say I glassed and went to the bathroom at the same time.
    I saw a jackrabbit the size of a child. As I tried to loop around some quail. I gave up on them and went up to the top of ridges to glass. The wind was in face the entire day. Spotted 4 deer. I believe to be all does. But with 8x26 binoculars and that glare/haze that comes in when your glassing into the direction of the sun its hard to tell. While I kept sweeping from deer to deer. I heard some noise down in front of me. I spotted about 5 javelina. Slowly and i mean slowly making their way down. I gave my j13 call a go. They ended up moving a little faster out of focus. Came back to the quail on my way out. Might need to put in the full choke. They must recognize me. Or my "quail" call.
  2. That sounds like a heck on an area! Good spot to be in...

    Just make sure you have a kitty tag with you so if you come upon him you can get him out of there...
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  3. 01/07/2021

    Happy New year!
    Went on my first bow javelina hunt today. Found a nice spot above the ridge where I saw them last. Looked like an lion was using it as a litter box. Only saw quail today. Not sure if I should stay on the ridges or hang out in the wash. I might have to get out there earlier and stay later.
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  4. Watch the ridges and the wash. They travel all over
  5. 01/12/20

    Drove past two coyotes trottin along the road on the way in. Saw a deer making its way up a ridge also. Came across quail in the same area as last time. Nice size covey. Saw a doe briefly as it disappeared into the brush.Came across a trail with some javelina tracks but no fresh sign. Found a aluminum arrow that was quite long. The end was tapered with no fetching. I ended up loosing two arrows and broke one.

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  6. I hate loosing arrows, a twig catches them as you go by thick stuff and fall out.
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  7. 01/17/21

    Was able to stay in one spot today. I glasses for about 5 hours. Saw a hand full of deer. Two bucks. One happen to snort his way up the the side of the wash to my left. I used the primo big can and it stopped. He wasnt scared when he saw me. He just continued his on way. I was able to find him a couple hours later. He was bed down and kept looking behind him. I watched go up the ridge and down to the other side. I was able to faintly hear quail which sounded like they were in the same place as last time.